company: Lionsgate
and FFC Australia
year: 2010
runtime: 97′
directors: Michael Spierig
and Peter Spierig
cast: Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe,
Claudia Karvan, Michael Dorman,
Vince Colosimo, Sam Neill,
Isabel Lucas, Paul Sankkila
writers: Michael Spierig
and Peter Spierig
cinematography: Ben Nott
music: Christopher Gordon
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Playing a like a belated companion piece to the troubled 2007 adaptation of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend, Daybreakers brings audiences face to face with the dystopian world of 2019, in which a recent plague of vampirism has turned society topsy-turvy with the monsters in the majority and humanity on the verge of extinction.  Dastardly Mr. Bromley (Sam Neill) heads a blood-farming corporation that’s running dangerously low on supplies, driving the price of blood sky-high and leaving a good many law-abiding vampires hungry and disenfranchised, their hunger transforming them into toothy winged miscreants who run amok in the darkness feeding on one another.

His civilization on the brink of collapse, Bromley hires a consortium of brilliant vampire minds to devise a viable blood substitute and save the day.  Among the scientists is one Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke), a vampire not so keen on the facts of his newfound biology as most of his fellow citizens.  Though working on a blood substitute as he is paid to do, Edward is more interested in finding a cure to the vampire condition all together – a cure to which human ‘Elvis’ Cormac (Willem Dafoe) and his few living friends may hold the key . . .
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