A Cold Night’s Death

company: ABC Circle Films
year: 1973
runtime: 74′
director: Jerrold Freedman
cast: Robert Culp, Eli Wallach,
Michael C. Gwynne
writer: Christopher Knopf
cinematography: Leonard J. South
music: Gil Melle
Not on home video in the USA

Dr. Vogel, at the behest of “the space program” the lone scientist manning a behavioural science station on top of a mountain somewhere in the arctic parts of the US (I suppose), hasn’t been heard from for four weeks. One would think his employers would be a little faster reacting to loss of contact with him, especially when one keeps in mind that his last radio messages were hinting at a psychological breakdown, but I digress. Anyway, said employers haven’t seen the pre-credit sequence that makes it quite clear that something is absolutely not right up there.

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R.I.P. Robert Culp, 1930 – 2010

The prolific television and film actor will always be best remembered here in Wtf-Film-land as the star of three of the very best episodes of the 60s anthology series The Outer Limits.  He brought fear, paranoia, and all-important humanity to the roles, which required him to be a man-turned-alien one moment and a cyborg with a speaking glass hand the next.  Culp, who passed away on Wednesday after collapsing at his home, was 79 years old.  He will be missed.

Robert Culp and actress Geraldine Brooks in a publicity shot for 'The Architects of Fear', 1963.