Harpoon: Whale Watching Massacre

Year: 2009   Runtime: 84′   Director: Júlíus Kemp
Writer: Sjón Sigurdsson   Cinematography: Jean-Noël Mustonen
Music: Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson   Cast: Pihla Viitala, Nae, Terence Anderson,
Miranda Hennessy, Aymen Hamdouchi

Iceland. A very international group of future murder victims (oops, spoiler) goes on a whale watching tour. All seems well – though some of the tourists are a bit annoying - but in truth the more unpleasant parts of the trip are already starting with the only sailor on board beside the ship’s captain (Gunnar “Leatherface” Hansen) raping one of the female tourists in his cabin. Things don’t exactly improve when a freak accident with a poky stick and a flying drunk Frenchman lethally wounds the captain. Seeing the mess, sailor Rape jumps into the emergency boat and flees, leaving the tourists to their fate.

It seems like a fortunate occurrence when a boat with a friendly enough acting rescuer on board appears only a little bit later. The tourists are getting somewhat nervous when their helper doesn’t ferry them into the next harbour, but instead transports them to a rusty old whaling ship, where they meet his son and wife. It doesn’t take five minutes until the charming family members show their true face and gorily dispatch of tourist number one. People living on a ship need to eat too, it seems, and what could be more tasty than other people when you’re not allowed to slaughter whales anymore?

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